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Track Name: Archnemesis
I am the Archnemesis
The end to your genesis
No felons or predicates
I shatter the delicate
Get placed into deficit
Erase all your requisites
The snakes that are venomous

Poisonous, swollen
Yo, call your boys up and warn 'em
I ain't just going for gold
My aim is to maim & destroy it
You ain't gon' wake in the morning
There ain't no space to deploy it
You're best to change your employment
Before I make this your omen

But hey:
Enjoy it while it lasts tho
Shmings is such an asshole
Spitting that tabasco
Split it into shrapnel
Ribbit to you tadpoles
Grip it by the tassles
Piffing by the grassloads
Skinning 'em with glass wool

Use your medula before you step to the ruler
Your melon pressed into julep
I'll grab your bitch by the cooter
To have her spayed and then neutered
I'm not insane
It's the stupor
This ain't a game
It's the truth that I am the bane to you losers

I came to shake up and rattle the cage
Wake up and batter your brains
Lace it with bags of the 'caine
Glaciers are tapped in your veins
Take it to back in the day
Aching to smack up a lame
Maybe attacking the reign
Jake'll be asking for names

Leave it to Beaver
I'll feed the meat to a vegan
Chop up the beef with a cleaver
I'm wild unique with the steezes
It's my urethra that's leaking up out the speakers you're peeping
Just not a secret you keep
But it's my mystique that intrigues you
Who want it?
Track Name: Keep Me Down
I had a vision where I kept on spitting teeth out
In my palm a neverending pile, had me creeped out
Speaks loud 'bout the fear of not keeping my word
I respect the passionate, that other shit's for the birds
Bunch of bucktoothed fuckmooks, catch a quick one-two
Guatemalan Sun Tzu, this is what it's come to
Anything lost can be found, except for time wasted
A direct hand towards your own annihilation
I'll be your scapegoat, pin the world's woes onto me
Case closed, I don't care, I'm living comfortably
Carry the burden of art, learned it was ours
Used the devices in my arsenal, assembled these bars
Fragmented moments from the memories decayed
How can you sleep at night when your energies were saved
Accumulated a lifetime's worth of life lines
That I kept safe just in case I lost my right mind

We are alive in the strangest times, major declines
But with more openings than ever, so I take it in stride
The problem's in the heart of men
Who are convinced they can break it down like cartilage
Screaming that they gotta win
Strictly partisan to to the cause,
I broke all ten commandments just to follow up the 48 laws
Go ahead and scream it loud:
No matter how hard you push it, y'all won't ever keep me down

I wanna show you where my spirit dwells
Not every part of you should be put up for sale, skip the details
For your consideration, these are pieces of myself
From as high as heaven's peak down to the recesses of hell
My recollections from the old tenement days
When fam dukes broke even, making minimum wage
Stationed out on 21st, northside of the Met
Never lacked food, clothes or shelter, everything blessed
I had a bowl cut,
And while everyone was running 'round trying to get fresh, I was like: "so what"
I was more concerned with building up a universe
And reading through the lies to figure out just what the truth was worth
Turns out it wasn't much, no one gave a motherfuck
And then it hit me with the force of an uppercut
I was so naive,
But some of the things I've seen, I swear to god you have no idea

A disemboweled cat, guts dangling on a loading dock
The frozen glares of many, a love that was scalding hot
I've seen the California sunset, swam the Rio dulce
From strokes of genius to "how could I be so stupid?"
Such is the duality that lives in us all
The sort of thing that makes you wanna give up the ball
I find solace in the chaos
It's just a part of the game, so play on, playa
I stay on the radar
The space case, stoner by the corner bodega
Got on for dolie, brought my cronies, I don't owe 'em no favors
This is for everyone who's been pushed to the fringe
But never let being excluded taint the feeling within
I'ma get my Bob Marley on, filled to the brim
And elevate with my audience, do it again
If they could only see me now
No matter how hard you tried, y'all can never ever keep me down
Track Name: The Businessman
Golden standard, propaganda
On the road to riches, sold your fam out
Gotta know the business, so demanding
Lotta foreign interests, no companions
Understand a whole world of trouble awaits
Don't get Yella, like NWA
You can never reprimand a pack of mutts that they bit the hand
When ain't none of them ate
(hold up, wait, eh)
Starve the masses, cards of plastic
Fund the bankrupt, Goldman Sachs it
Have them all fucked, no prophylactic
The boldest tactic, no open pastures
It ain't just the grass that's greener
Or the magazine models you can bag are meaner
Or the Panacea bottles, Technomarines
With a power suit on, matching garbardine
(gotta get that)
Flyer than a jetpack, setting it off
All cut from a devilish cloth
(god I felt that)
We're the hidden hand
That'll pull the strings & act like we were never involved
You can bet it's on
Underneath a moon of the bluest hue
Where you can't tell who is who
The new improved, coolest dude
Through & through
Headbuster like a rubix cube
(not a setback)
Regal splendor,
Fill the kings' coffers with legal tender
Many been offered to be the vendors
Retreat, surrender
Increase contention: supreme agenda
So picture this: no crime is every truly victimless
Money's why we came here
Let me show you what the business is

Oh you finna get paid?
Make the sort of paper that you couldn't earn
If you worked forever and a day
Change the template,
Take that motivation so you put a term on its worth
Endeavour and obey
Join a hedge fund, no more of them breadcrumbs
We gon' help you see racks on racks and then some
Deposit all that, half for pension
Cashback advances when the checks come
All you gotta do is put your scrawl on the line
Cross t's, ensure you've dotted the eye
I know it's moving kinda fast
And the dubious have a knack for telling lies but trust me, bruh
All of us signed
The custie, the fiend and the cleaner
Luck of the greedy, believe us
Cuffing the needy to feed us
'nuff for a trip to Ibiza
Everyone convinced they can beat the system
Feel the need to mention their cheap position
Get the statement right so we keep consistent
Tryna shed some light so you seek its wisdom
See the rich have a deep connect
And redirect their green to get that interest
Keep it circulating
So they reap the best to each collect and sweep the debt
Got it? Capiche?
So next step up in the pyramid scheme
Is to get a regime to go and give up the dream
Get in between the men and machine
Keep the overhead low as possible, limit per diem
With the means of production out of their hands
Make it splash like a catamaran
No evidence, no witnesses
I'ma show you what the business is
Track Name: Room To Grow (featuring Lex Garcia)
The rat race changed the landscape
On your last legs, barrel towards your maker, fulfilling your mandate
At a set pace, strutting for the edge of the cliff
I'm in a different headspace than these irrelevant pricks
I bet you think you're a clever bastard
Overstep your boundaries like death'll never happen
Some hope is everlasting
Bridges oceans, moves mountains
Makes you brave the insurmountable, no matter who's counting
I gaze at the stars bent, bask in their afterglow
Could never stop the shine, until my casket closes
I will not deal in maybes or what-ifs, I does this
Strictly the sure shot, nevermind the dumb shit
You Tom, Dick & Harry's stumbling off your 3rd rock
Jumped ship, and got outfoxed like Rupert Murdoch
A bitter pill to swallow, hard to digest
Jagged edges rip your insides, carving your flesh

When you're green, you have room to grow
(But once you're ripe and ready?)
It's up to you to go
(I know, I know)
Slowly you rot and decay
Karma serves your just desserts, every dog has its day (2x)

(Lex Garcia)

From corporate monopoly to imposed monotony
Passing by robberies, ignoring sobriety
Numbing our reality, the devil is a part of me
The truth is harder to swallow than pride
Like I took the blue pill
Hard to follow, right?
Fathers are crashing planes, simple and plain
Mothers are broken flowers, let's find the power
To grow outta self-imposed obstacles
With ceiling and floor effects, stay in the box
Without breaking your necks, I wish you good luck
Trying to touch the sky and remain down to earth
Universal lies, the controller don't work
I'm a puppet, no strings attached
Life's a race, you can catch me cheating
Growing as I'm breathing
And I Inhale life, exhale undertanding
One man standing on a thousand mountains
Track Name: You Can Tell That I'm High (featuring Jus Frais)
Surely you can tell that I'm high
From the glimmer and the look in my eye
Ain't gonna stop
I'm on my way to the top
Spraying shots like:
Wa-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-dye (3x)

No I ain't gonna stop,
I'm on my way to the top...

I'm a slave to the rhythm and the flickering lights
Hot summers, long days turn to blistering nights
To get paid is the mission in life, I get it in
Never fell for a bitch ruses, I'm a veteran
Like Rick Rubin, hard rock
Skip to the car lot
Shorty in the passenger seat, making my balls drop
I give a fuck about a dress code
Push it to its threshold
All up in her neck (ohh)
Now we're by the sweatbox
And I just got my rocks off
Notice how her breath knocks?
Talk about a bad case of halitosis
Mad powdered noses
Riding on the whitest horse
E-pill poppers, draining fluid from their spinal cord
Like: baby we can do it 'til your whole vagina sore
That's when I set my sights on the temptress
Restless, waiting in the line-up for the guest list
Check it

(Jus Frais)
Bitch I'm climbing,
Getcha claws up outta my coat tails
I'm flying high, sailin' with no sails
Money is time and I cannot spare no change
Not share no days,
All glory, no blaze
I'm sorry (no I ain't)
What the fuck was I thinking?
Trippin' over you like: what the fuck was I drinking?
What am I do to but suck it up and keep building
Hit the drawin' board and draw some more
Like I don't give a fuck, be grinning
Keep winnin', never looking back
As long as the globe be spinning,
Keep it raw and keep it honest
So that's why they say he different
That and the fact I'm batshit nuts, cooky
You stupid... I'm minted: loony
I meant it, dukie: when I spit it like a loogie
You be hollering for God like all them little broads
When my dick is in the coochie
I don't give a single dookie who you are or where you comin' from
I just see the top of your heads, down there, from up above
Track Name: Lovehatefingarings
This is for big dreamers tryna shift gears in their lives, I see ya
To pimps, divas pushing 645 beamers
Don't fall asleep at the wheel, pump your brakes
Eyes peeled, stay awake, in this day nothing's sacred
Live according to the roll of the dice, raised the stakes
Learned prudence,self-control of the mind, made mistakes
History is littered with the corpses of wannabe bosses
Who ignored the cost of building up their fortresses
What is an artist but a liar and a thief
Who steal their best ideas, camouflage it in deceit
I am Mook Skywalker, swoop fly posture
Gram spliff in hand, 80-proof rye vodka
I made it out the struggle from my own sheer will
To succeed and leave a trail for those that don't see good
Throw fists 'til my knuckles sore, all's fair, love & war
And if I gotta go I'm going out swinging, fuck 'em all
To offer the listener a glimpse of what's in store
Every topic that I touch upon, is nothing but the raw
Unadulterated, procreation
I mean fucking with the flow breeds greatness, and I don't feel hatred
So I will disregard those that sit around, tryna bring you down
I'll hit the circus if I wanna see the clowns
A man's legacy is measured by the lives he's touched
So best believe I'm reaching out until my time ease up
Napoleonic complex, Alexander monstrous
Strategist, the baddest spic you don't wanna contest
Mythomaniac, the Loch Ness, speak proposterous
Concoct the fresh, I think big, you lost the bet
If you're dependant on your friends you're led straight to the grave
That's why I roll for dolo, no one else is taking the blame
Innocence lost, bitter winters in a sinnerman's heart
Deliberately sabotaging, so I'll give up the march
Dewie Cox the way I walk hard,
And I'm backing up my talks like a smart card, certified top dog
No need to spot me when I press
I'm always plotting steps ahead, recollect, never ever second guess
And I'm torn, between wanting to play it safe, the sure shot
Or take it across the border, lane exchanging on the Turcott
Life without a safety net, but now what makes me vexed
Is that I blazed a trail, the rest are taking baby steps
Up & comers are no test or rival
I am an idol in my family's eyes, flyer than the friendly skies
I'm the shit, steaming hot dookie butter, L-shaped doobie lover
And if you don't agree, then you can sue me, fucker
Track Name: Carry On
Maybe if I slept less and dreamt more
I'd be a lot more productive and significantly less bored
I quit riffing like a Les Paul
To focus on the task at hand, stack them grands
Ravage up the chessboard
I've been making less and spending more, fucking up my credit score
Attention whoring out of the fear I'll get ignored
And when it rains sometimes it's best to let it pour
For this too shall pass if you read the metaphor
Teardrops streaming down the face of my inner child
I'm in a weird spot, guess it's been a while
There's cracks in my foundation
The beams are out of shape
I mean the pillars have crumbled
Right where the demon found its place
You can feel it in your cuticles, visions of the Truman show
Marinate behind the scenes til they give me the cue to go
So my thoughts dwell, chill in the void
Filled with everything that's beautiful til the nimbus' destroyed

I say that, to say this
I kept my eye on the ball, and that's the only thing that got me through the graveshifts
Patience is a virtue few manage to apply
Worried about the superficial like the Catcher in the Rye
It's easy to blame the phony when you're drunk and lonely
'cuz when you look within that there's another story
So I'm milking it for all it's worth like a dairy farm
Yet still in all, it's so hard to carry on

Dark clouds gathered on a faithful day
It's safe to say the inner sanctum is a stagnant place to stay
I was raised in the borough of the Archangel
My thoughts tangled in an intricate web made unstable
R.I.P. murals, chips in the paint, commemorate the fallen
Elevate to martyrdom, the City of Saints
Dark stained glass illustrates the harsh strange path
Towards eternal damnation as we walk straight past
Hold the telephone, behind the shadows where the Devil roams
Hellfire & gravel, the time has come to send him home
The shit is cinematic, Norman Bates hidden in the attic
No escape, from the camera lens, the world spins erratic
It's been established to orchestrate the masses
Spread disinformation, what the fourth estate practices
And I'll denounce them 'til I'm laid in the dirt
Long Live the Duke, one time for Bad News, take 'em to church
Track Name: Lessons For The Unrepentant
I flip that Hypnotic, kick knowledge, get brolic
Quick minded, heightened senses, piff chronic
Never concerned with dickriders, I spit fire
This spic's flyer than a tilted space ship that's rip ridin'
With slick tires, barreling speeds
Click, blam at the D's with the pig fryer that'll split iron
Under the radar so we slip by 'em, incognito
Throw 'em way off, whatever's needed to uplift my peoples
These frail fuckers are gullible mollusks that shake
I'd go to hell so I can punch Allen Dulles' in the face
Pound his mullet into place, tried to erase our culture
MK-ULTRA, overthrew the Ayatollah, rape & torture
Operation PBSUCCESS in Guatemala harnessed
The carnage and you can bet your bottom dollar on it
Not a problem, dissolve a law, revolvers, slums bombarded
Pay us homage regardless tomorrow holds the dawn on us

It's the return of that real life, recession-proof
Timelessness, Iron Man Leviathan, step in the booth
And it's epic, anthemic, start of a pandemic
so call up the paramedics to haul up your ass deaded, and
Nothing is as set as it seems
Bonafide shitstarters bring death to the american dream
blood dripping down the white picket fence
Common sense for the senseless
Lessons for the unrepentant

The years are slowly creeping on me, quarter-century mark
Meant to be smart, but the drama would eventually start
Where did I go wrong? guess that all that glitters ain't a gold coin
Cold, calm, weathering the snow storm
I wasn't forewarned, I was so gone
Cracks formed across the whole bond, latches hold on
My attachment to this broken vessel reeks of desperation
Tried to match it at this hopeless level, weeks'll test your patience
Quiet as they turn to months and years, I turned to blunts and beer
Desperate to forget, that nothing's left once it clears
That's word, self-medicated, paranoid and anxious
Mad annoyed the fake shit's getting on my last nerve
I got a bad case of the jitters, battered lungs & liver
Madness sprung the illness, now the damage done is bigger
Than the personal, what's worst of all I got the nerve, the gall
To curse at God when perfect flaws is that which makes of us a work of art

We used to care before it started its ambivalent growth
And so the game is now dangling at the end of its rope
Clutching on its last fibers as it gasps for breath
Hurled into a shallow grave, she raises after death
And if it never happens I'm still forever rapping
Conjugated slang, merging thoughts in clever fashion
I reminisce on ghetto blasters, the lifestyle portrayed
Before the overdoses, cosa nostra shit, the AIDS
I wish I came of age in that era, it was that realer
Cuz in our day, your innocence just might kill ya
For the perennial underachiever, runners and schemers
The loser and the undefeated, I wonder if either
Meet the standards of the parents that breed 'em
Reach for a handgun, cannons are the patterned procedure
Maybe I'm delusional,
But these right here are just a couple things
I thought that you should know