Mine, Now (featuring The Narcicyst & Loe Pesci)

by Markings

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[The Narcicyst]

My generation fed on overkill
Let me hold the weight off her shoulders like Oprah's heels
I've never known the pain a soldier knows and feels
The only vice in this unholy life is all the sacrifices of our social ills
You know the drill
They'll just pave you over oil spills
The Wonder Kids who appreciate but under-live
Shots grazed off the coil
Hot blaze off the foil
What a thrilll...
Moral filling to your morning cereal
You wanna scream but nobody's hearing you
This is life as a music video, but the camera is your brain
The actor is your pain, no cast all the same
Insane but: Love and fear, my brother
Are very dear and live near each other
I guess that's the reason why we don't revere each other
And see in technicolor
Always judge and disrespect each other.
Life's thrills...


I want mine, now
But I want yours first (4x)


The ambassador,
That bridges activists and spanishes
Shmings: I am on demand
The candid diaspora cameraman
Poised in the face of adversity, I managed it
Take the piss out of everything in the parameter
Makeshift catheter
Gram tokes in Acuras
That's paler than the vampires in Bram Stoker's Dracula
I roll with Arabics and other ethnics
That next shit
Eat gourmet, only drink the finest breast milk
Jabs test chins
Glass slivers, I'm your death wish
Slap chest shittin' on 'em
Not the one to mess with
My therapist says I keep self-sabotaging
I told him: Playing stupid is the best camouflage
The rap Asimov, fassyhole
Try to stop me
I'm from a place where thrills are cheap
And the losses rather costly
Unapologetic, if it sounded like misogyny
I swear it's only 'cuz these bitches always dogging me
What up?


[Loe Pesci]

Catch me at high season
Eyes bleeding
Brain dont register what your eyes seeing
You swear you seeing what I'm seeing
But this photon kush in the enterprise, hi-beamin'
This MP kill switch, where y'all to go?
When the only thing stopping us is a common goal,
Everybody tryna blow like we supplying snow
Fake flakes fill the mountain where the riders go
You very monotone
The thrill is probably gone
I'm aeronautical, riding waves with that water flow
Bombardier bombarding 'em, we just started the game
You're a bum
Don't forget the only constant is change
So: sooner or later, when the flossing is played
When you see me with the prize, you gon' wallow in shame
Call me motivation Loe/low, thinking I won't get up
Feel my roots on the rocks like a hydro setup
Let's go



released December 21, 2012
Produced by Kaytranada




Markings Montréal, Québec

Le rap, c'est plate.

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