Glow (Unofficial Remix)

by Lunice feat. Markings & Jus Frais

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Unofficial remix of Lunice's single "Glow" off his latest EP, "One Hunned". Visit and for more.



Roll with academic types and bing monsters
Simple mathematics, added to the team roster
Although it seems preposterous
Earning major stripes
Higher than I ever been
Take a flight before we say good night
Go to sleep with the wrong bitch on my mind
Wake to the same shit
Every day on the grind
Hemmingway, on the road
Got a lot of common goals
I want my grubby mitts on every penny in the pot of gold
Lazy genius, never made it to the honor roll
Set 'em up, knock 'em down
Play it like it's dominoes
Beat you to your destination, anywhere you wanna go
Hop, skip & jump over every single obstacle
Said I got a pilot voice
That's shorty way of telling me she think I'm fly and it's making her vagina moist
Not a choice, need atonement
Bob & weaving, seize the moment
Keep it all the way 100
Getting money, reach the ocean

[Jus Frais]

Man, I get colder than my cool is
Actin' older than my school is
Track is magic, dope
I had to mash it, shouts to Lunice
Cats don't catch it, cousin smash 'em
I throw five on 'em like Luniz
Swing the other five around and catch a sucker while he woozy
Still Muntreer than most
All over the country, reppin' Muntree and the coast
I am not bustin' just to boast
It's just that I am so fuckin' dope
I thought I'd let you fuckers knows
'fore you get left out in the snow
Now you have no excuse, buddy
Not that that shit's any use, buddy
Move bitch,
Or get bent until you snap and break
And left up in a shallow grave somewhere just around the way
It's over, dead it, hater
Might as well over-medicate and go to sleep, no catch you later
That's a tough spit to bust
That is how it end up
Fu'n with someone this rugged


released August 17, 2011
Produced by Lunice. Recorded and mixed by Jus Frais in Montreal, Canada.




Markings Montréal, Québec

Le rap, c'est plate.

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